Adobe Premiere Pro

In-depth & practical online lessons in Adobe Premiere Pro.


350 EUR


16 hours
8 classes
4 weeks



Anton Bogdasev

​Has been working as a videographer for over 5 years. Specializes in video processing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

 About the course 

Our teaching methodology takes into account the student's capabilities: the speed of information perception, age, experience with a computer and the technical characteristics of the equipment that he has.

This Adobe Premiere Pro course is suitable for all ages. Unemployed and retired people can also take Premiere Pro courses at a discounted price and free of charge from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

A prerequisite for obtaining a diploma in Adobe Premiere Pro is to attend at least 80% of the entire course and hand over the final work. Otherwise, the student's suspension from this course and the loss of money.

Prepayment (100%) for this course is made no later than a week before the start. In the event that a person has paid and for some reason cannot attend the course, the amount paid is not refundable.

This program is developed from many years of experience as a teacher and includes all the most necessary theoretical and practical knowledge for a career as a video editor.

Courses are held Online.

Course Program

1. Introduction to Premiere Pro

What is premiere pro and how can it benefit me? This lesson will get you familiar with the video editing powerhouse that is Premiere Pro. Discover and navigate the many editing options with a hands-on demonstration of the Premiere Pro Interface.

2. Customising Premiere Pro

The workspace is the life of Premiere Pro, it contains all the necessary tools and menus to help you find a workflow that matches your current skillset. In this lesson, we will not only discuss the tools available for your editing but will create a custom workspace to help you enhance, edit and create more productively.

3. Media Import and Project Organization

Preparation and distribution of material before the start of editing in the program itself is one of the foundations from which to start each project. In this lesson we will learn how to do this.

4. Basic Editing

In lesson 4 we will start adding clips to the timeline, cropping and moving it. Let's see how easy this can be done using special key combinations on the keyboard.

5. Advanced Editing Tools

In this lesson we will learn how to give smoothness to the picture, namely, we will consider fading, transitions and image stabilization.

6. Audio

Audio is an integral part of video, without which, a person will not be able to fully immerse themselves in what is happening on the screen. We'll walk through the basics of audio by looking into settings, audio transitions, and video-to-audio sync.

7. Effects

In lesson 7 we will get acquainted with the effects folder and select for ourselves frequently used elements by making presets, as well as learn how to add them to new video layers.

8. Color Correction

When looking at the footage, we often encounter variations in the brightness of the picture, shades of human skin, and other things. We consider such shots unsuccessful and delete them. This would not have happened if you had been shooting initially in colorless mode with the correct camera settings. In this lesson we will learn how to animate (paint) a picture and pull up unworthy colors.

9.  Text

Adding text to the video adds a better assimilation of the material or any key aspects of the person's monologue. This is what we will learn. Add text to videos using different styles and templates.

10. Export and Publish

In the last lesson, we will learn how to export your video with the correct program settings and add them to various media platforms.

11. Premiere Pro Successfully (Learning Outcomes)

Premiere Pro offers a lot of different opportunities for the career focused individual to the keen hobbyist. It is used in all most every job, some of you may not have even realised, and it also offers a lot of personal benefits. Lesson 11 will set you on the right path and will help you understand what your next step with Premiere Pro can be. If you are looking for a career, freelance work or even just a personal hobby, this lesson will fill you with the knowledge and ideas to push you to the next stage with Premiere Pro.

During the lesson, the program records what is happening on a computer screen, and throughout the course, this recording is available to students with private access on the Youtube channel AGold Media Company.


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